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“I started worming with WWP in 2001, and since switching to WA around 2007 I've wormed in phases. The 2003 edition was my first CWT, and the 2004 was my most successful in terms of finishing position (3rd). I thought I'd win in 2005 but sadly I didn't, and by 2006 and 2007 I was too busy with university work to compete properly. I also co-ran the tournament with Crespo in 2006. The popularity and success of the tournament pleases me, as does the live streaming of games with commentary.

Here's what I think about worms in the form of a quotation: “Intermediate-scheme worming is at the conceptual centre of video gaming, and with its optimal balance of skill, tactics, and luck, it can be called the greatest game of all time.” I also regard worms, in general, as the most versatile video game in existence.