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“For me Worms as game is first of all FUN which is defined by me as: an opportunity to use various weapons in various situations (always at best skills and with creative reasonable ideas), trying to make good moves at schemes I like, playing in nice atmosphere with layed-back, polite and intelligent people who enjoy the game and not take it too serious. That is why I like user created tactic schemes with crates to collect (which make the game even more fun and add some unique thrill where every game is a fantastic never-the-same experience, where you'll never get the same weapon set again). The crates provide much exciting stuff to be used / saved for other rounds, as I prefer longgames at user created schemes with stockpiling mostly (or antistockpiling). I'd define my skill as creative funplay at average skill, nothing serious. Concerning playing style I'm a lightsider who knows how to darkside when it's necessary. I think the majority of Worms community is too much 1-scheme-oriented which is somewhat routinous. Not many players know how to have fun (usually seen by negative comments after bad moves... - it simply shouldn't matter), or simply do not reveal it in the game. The most important advice which comes to my mind is making less known schemes popularised, but I know already that the community is not oriented for such ideas and won't accept this in a long term.

Recently I play KAOS scheme a lot and also host a league of this scheme.”