Spirit of CWT:
First of all, the rules listed below can't cover every possible problem. Crespo's Worms Tournament thrives on its good atmosphere, so every participant is commanded to respect his opponent and find a solution for any given problem by means of discussion. If a problem occurs, please take responsibility to come to an agreement with your opponent, using the rules as a guideline. In case of a conflict, the admin team will determine the solution.

Sign Up rules:
The admins will check the players who signed in and you will be only in CWT 2012, if an admin confirmed it.
If there are more than 32 players, the admins will choose players who have to play a bo5 match vs each other (Qualifiers).
This way there won't be any unfair treatment and exclusion from the tournament without a given chance.

What can get me disqualified from CWT?
1. Missing a deadline and showing no recent site log-in activity, and/or a lack of response to messages.
2. Demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior, in the game or in the forums. This includes flaming and defamation of your opponent.
3. Breaking any of the listed in-game rules.

What should you do against the disease of internet disconnections?
Please don't play your CWT games without a 3rd spectator! Only with his help we can detect the player who disconnected. The referee's team will try to spectate most of the games, but other CWT participants are also asked to spectate some games. Otherwise you will have the same headaches as wormers generations before you. If the drop occurred - and there was no 3rd player to witness it - referees will only judge in very clear situations for somebody's win. We're sorry, but we're not wizards.

I can't reach my opponent.
If your opponent doesn't answer your requests by private messaging or the Infoboard, please ask the moderator for help immediately. Don't let the scheduled deadline pass. If you don't contact your moderators, nobody can help you.

In-game rules:
We strongly follow the NNNLeague rules. Without exceptions. As is written above, we strongly encourage everybody to invite a 3rd neutral person to be a witness of your game. We admins are restricted to give technical wins, due to the lack of certainty in determining the player who disconnected.

Inactive Players: (new!)
If someone gets inactive during the group phase, we will send first a warning, and then we will ban the person after some weeks, replacing him with another active player, and void all games he already played. We don't tolerate technical defeats, every game has to be played!

Tourney structure:
Group Stage Mode:
  • There will be 8 groups, each containing 4 players.
  • Everyone plays a best-of-five game against every other player in their group.
  • If both players deny the opponent as hoster, a 3rd neutral person must do this.
  • Best two of each group qualify for the knockouts.
  • In case of same amount of points: equal points -> game ratio -> round ratio -> decisive best-of-five match

Points calculation system: (new!)
  • 3-0; 3 points for the winner, 0 points for the loser
  • 3-1; 3 points for the winner, 0 points for the loser
  • 3-2; 3 points for the winner, 1 point for the loser

Knockout Stage Mode:
Last sixteen pairs will be drawn, with 3 restrictions:
1. The top 2 of the subjective ranking won't be in the same branch.* (new!)
2. Place one will always play against place two.
3. Players from the same group won't clash in the 1/8 finals.
*Only group winners can profit of this restriction.
  • After drawing the pairs for last sixteen, the ladder structure is fully determined.
  • Knock-out games have to be played as best-of-five games.
  • Final and Match for 3rd Place have to be played as best-of-seven games.

Winner photos: (new!)
As the winners will be sent a real cup to their homes, they agree upon taking a photo of themselves with their cup and permit the publication on CWT's official Facebook page.

Live Streams: (new!)
  • Participants are prohibited from watching or listening to streams of their own games while playing.
  • Participants are prohibited from live streaming their own games.
  • Participants don't have the power and are also not allowed to keep their games from being live streamed.
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