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on Nov 10, 2018 at 21:21
Group E: Senator 3-2 Johnmir

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on Nov 30, 2018 at 10:13
Hi, guys! Wanted to tell you that starting from playoff stage your welcome to spectate games with my participation. I'm still not satisfied with my gameplay. But a spectating can be fun actually. So welcome, guys!

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on Nov 12, 2018 at 17:09
Skip and super skip. ))
Great idea btw.

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on Nov 12, 2018 at 12:05
You reminded me of me in the first round John. I used to hate these moments where the opponent has apparently no chance at all but just tries to save himself into russian roulette SD with a 50% outcome. Still, opening that girder was just your own fault :P. I also wonder if people who always use 44 seconds for their turns (no matter the map situation) don't value their time on earth that much. It's just boring. I understand it and do it myself, too when I have no other choice, but to win in SD. It still is boring as fuck. I rather watch paint dry than this. If there was a future patch to remove 40 seconds from your turn and add it to the SD timer, that would be awesome.

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 15:10
Agree, you gotta be on top of your game. It's CWT.

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 13:00
Omg, exactly, Khams! If you are able to and you are in shape for that!

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 12:39
Yeah You all rights

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 12:15
We can't control how game evolves.
All we can do is progress with it. Invent things. And try to maintain your own unique style.
Within boundaries of progressing game methods.
Dario, Mablak. FaD are good examples of that.
Insanely skillfull but yet with their own style and very very pragmatic when it's needed.

So i think if they don't wan't to wait for SD they would do something about beforehand.
Forsee it and act to end things fast.

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 11:45
Well, Andrew, look: in fact i do care of my gameplay not less then of the result. This is really stupid to skip like this when both players know it was useless. Yes, as a result, Senator won that one, that wasn't special but he used my personal "character", cause i hate these waitings. Am i sad that i lost? I didn't deserve to win anyway, i played bad from the start of the match until it's end.

I don't blame him for that. It's his right, but I had to say what i really think of this.

About spectators, look: i'm not that good nowadays, i will have to play SD situations, cause i have no good ideas to kill, i'm missing with knocks, etc. But when i have to wait until SD, skipping turns, i can't do anything with myself, i will feel ashamed, it's not my level. And in this case spectators play their role... I can get "nervous" trying to avoid stupid careful play, in spite of i can't really play better now. This will cause loosing of games. I'm such a person, i don't like the way i play, and if i win i want to feel i deserved it. I have to feel myself a master of a game. And since i'm not now, spectators will make me feel ashamed lol.

I also don't want players get used to that it's normal waiting for SD with no chance to win, wasting time. It's my personal point of view. Just don't want them to see it in my own games since i'm not on a level now.

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 09:27
Had to watch the replays and count my execution fails...

1st round: 4 or 5
2nd round: 3
3rd round: 2
4th round: 4
5th round: 4

First turn failed 3 times from 5.

This match reminded me of the qualifying match vs SiD. No more these!

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 09:05
It's a very interesting dispute between players who represent different eras of normal worms.
That;s why the translation.

p.s. chuvash has good english himself but likes to use russian. Wnatever. It deserves to be translated.

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 09:02
==== translation of chuvash message==============
Come on, John. Cool it off!
You mentioned my praise to Senator in your post.
Said waiting for SD / stretching time is our “tactics”.
Fuck no!
People ask me about winning formula. There is no such thing!
Every round is unique.
It needs closest look under magnifying glass.
So you can make a RIGHT move HERE and NOW.

In your game. 1 round. Senator started to play tactically competent from 8 minute .
And I praised that.
His competency was not in stretching time (although it also was right in his situation)
But in his actions.
Of course he most probably would fail if you won’t make mistakes.
But it happened how it happened.
And I love a good comeback!

About your last move with opening a girder.
You put the whole 1st round on the line
(all that time you care so much about. About half an hour) and your psychological balance.
All that just because there were specs in the game?
Are you serious? This so naive!
How about giving spec the right to decide whether they want to spectate or not.
If they get bored by time stretchers they will leave
And your: “I don’t want to waste your time that’s why I don’t like spectators in my games” is something really surreal, my friend.

Just go with the flow! ;) Good luck in future games!

p.s. And now I’ll be shittalked for russian language.

==== translation of chuvash message ends==============

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 07:48
Камон Женёк! Не горячись! И раз уж ты меня тут упомянул... Мою похвалу в адрес Сенатора о хорошей тактике, ты прям как-то обобщил, типа ждём СД/тянем время = тактика. Хренов там! )) Это как некоторые спрашивают у меня формулу побед. Да её не существует! Каждый раунд индивидуален, и требует рассмотрения под лупой, чтобы правильно сделать ход здесь и сейчас. И конкретно в первом раунде, в вашей игре, начиная с 8й минуты, Сенатор начал играть тактически грамотно, что я и отметил. И это заключалось не в том, что он тянул время (хотя и это было тоже правильно в конкретной ситуации), а в его действиях. Безусловно у него ничего не вышло бы, если бы ты и сам продолжил играть без косяков. Но вышло то, что вышло, а я люблю камбэки!
И о последнем твоём ходе, с открытием балки:
Ты поставил на кон весь 1й раунд (всё потраченное время, о котором так беспокоишься, а это около получаса) и своё психологическое равновесие, потому что в игре находились наблюдатели? Ты не хотел тратить их время? Серьёзно? Какая детская наивность! Дайка лучше наблюдателям самим разобраться, хотят они тут находиться или нет. Если им наскучит смотреть, как игроки тянут время, они выйдут сами. А твоё: “я не хочу тратить ваше время, поэтому я против того, чтобы вы находились в моих играх” – какой-то сюр, дружище.

Будь проще ;) Удачи в дальнейших играх!
П.С: ща на меня польются помои за рашн лэнгвич xD

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on Nov 11, 2018 at 06:50
Guys, who know me well and expect a good play from me, could be disappointed with the situation in the first round. I want to comment the situation:

Well, after the loss of a round i considered my move as a mistake. But later i just realised i shouldn't regret that. On that map playing on SD meant waiting for the full flood. Then killing Senator's worm with a guide rocket. It meant around 15-20 minutes of play, and i realized that. Sorry, but this is principle moment. I don't want to waste time like that. In some way, I feel ashamed playing like that having spectators on a board. That is why I opened the way, I tried to make it faster in some way.

I will think of this, i will probably finish CWT playing with those long waitings to SD and full flood. But since this moment I won't get any spectators on my matches for a few next games. So that I could solve this kind of situations (stupid and timewasting in my opinion) being calm.

I don't really know since what time it is called a good tactics waiting to SD and next after SD (for around 20 miunutes) in a pretty clear losing situation, but since a 5 times champion consider it's an excellent play it's hard to argue, times has changed.

Again, you can stream my matches, for sure, it's your right, guys. But no spectators on my matches any more. I don't want to hurry, or prove something while i really need to win a game.

By the way, I was so pleased that Senator got my intention there in the round, he understood, that i wanted to finish that fast, that's why I opened the way. I respect that he realized it. Many of others would think that i'm idiot.

Regarding the end of the game: the good idea was just to quit after the first round, I just didn't want to play cause I was actually disappointed. And I needed time to except that I personally agree on playing like that (skipping turns for 20 minutes of a game). I excepted now, and realized that I shouldn't keep spectators in a game since this moment.

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on Nov 10, 2018 at 21:29
very Hard JP last turn last game by john. bl ae.

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on Nov 10, 2018 at 21:23
The number of failed turns was unbelievable.

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on Nov 10, 2018 at 21:21
Nice games*

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