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Reported by WorldMaster
on Nov 1, 2015 at 21:52
Group F: WorldMaster 3-1 khamski

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on Nov 2, 2015 at 09:49
I know it's stupid to "like" your own game but i can't help it. ))
I wasn't playing good but i played my best.
I liked the fact that i wasn't disturbed by anything in this game.
Nor 0-2 pressure, nor stream pressure.. Nothing.
I was [playing it in full from start to finish.
And this is new for me. I like it. Means i am progressing.
After games like this i don't have bad feelings only desire to explore this game more and become better.

I love this fucking game. It's awesome!

Big games like that really help to understand the greatness of this game even more.

My congratulations to WorldMaster.
He was nervous at the begining but after that he took the game under full control.
And it appeared that his level of playing in above mine. :|
So his win is truly deserved.

Good game.

Again thx for the stream.
I really liked the analysis.
Gonna watch it again.
That twitch chat window adds some extra.