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Game #990
Jellenio 3-2 kukumber
on Nov 14, 2013 at 10:03
It's funny how you bring up things you know nothing about.
Over and over again.

CWT 2009 wasn't that bad.
Situation was very tough back then.
We managed this tournament from qualifying games to the final.
Yes there were some problems in the group stage.
But they were understandable.

Community back then didn't worship CWT like it does now.
Players wasn't active or motivated to play CWT games in time.
Few previous CWT tournaments suffered from this situation badly.

So fixed schedule was aimed to shook community up.
And it did the job.
We made players responsible for their activity.
It opened their eyes on the fact that CWT is a serious thing and everyone have to respect it.
Someone handled it.
Someone didn't.
But those who didn't came in 2010 angry and motivated.
Some of them even became mods. ;)
So CWT 2009 was a great impulse for the future progress and a real attitude changer.

Anyway there were no tech. results in PO.
Tournament was finished in time and had a happy winner.
It was a first tournament where winner got a real cup.

So it was a good mod work in a really tough situation.
It gave a great material to analyze to the mods of 2010.
A great starting point.
I am proud of my work there and i am thankful for the MOD squad for their work.
They helped a lot although we had a lot of problems.

I took responsibility for this tournament form start to finish.
Also i took responsibility for my every word and action.

So you are not in a position to call it "failure", kukumber.
You would be dead scared to even think of moding it back in january 2009. ))

Back to the present.
I am tired to read your non-sense over and over again.
Also i want you to stop using insults. Control yourself.

On the rules change.
As i said i have no complains on 2013.
I just want 2014 rules to be better.

Tie happens when players (or team like in CL) have same amount of POINTS not the same stats.
And stats are used to break that tie.

In the present Jellenio/kukumber situation:
CWT tie-breaker works so kukumber would go through.
CL tie-breaker works so Jellenio would go through.

I prefer the CL tie-breaker because it is more fair.
Jellenio won game vs kukumber. He must go further.

That what i will propose for 2014 in the forums.
No complains about 2013 as i stated numerously before.
So it's all good.

But next year we can make rules even better.

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Game #990
Jellenio 3-2 kukumber
on Nov 13, 2013 at 20:04
>Rules for group games were there upon sign ups, and they are same as the last year,
>if someone doesn't read them it's his own fault.

I read rules and i have no complains about them.
My proposal is about 2014 edition.
Read carefully and pay attention please.

>And again you twist things

What did I twist? I criticized you for making incorrect statements. No twists.

>.. I never claimed the thing I told about football to be absolutely correct,
> and it doesn't need to be correct,
> and I don't need to waste my time on learning something ...

I totally disagree.
Of course you need to give yourself some time to do a research.
What kind of a mod are you if you yak about stuff you just don't know?
Get busy a bit. Mod work takes something you know.

>But of course as crazy about football as you are you would think that was the
>most important thing in the message.

Why you constantly bring up some irrelevant things and try to hide behind them?
I clearly don't think that football is most important thing in your message.
I just say that you use incorrect information to prove your point.
That is what mod shouldn't do.

>Now let me make one more assumption. If we were judging by football rules we would have
>3 people with 3 points and it would end up with me advancing due stats anyway.

Finally you started to read before writing.

So you basically propose to review a hypothetical situation where
Thouson plays 2-3 vs Fantomas and ends up with 4 points. Same as you and Jellenio.
And you get a 3-player tie.


CL system will use exactly same algorithm in this case.
But result will be different.

Why is this a problem?

According to CL system:
In the 2 player tie-breaker (you, Jellenio) you lose.
In the 3-player tie-breaker(you, Jellenio, Thouson) you win.

It is totally fair. Why do you think there is any contradiction?

Fact that you would advance in the 3 player tie-breaker don't change the fact that Jellenio should advance in 2 player tie-breaker vs you.

There also is no extra code work. Just changing one formula.
System will still be automatic just a bit more fair.

>And the fact it's the first issue about the system only confirms it,
>especially given the fact you wouldn't
>give a single damn about it if it was someone else advancing rather than me.

I have nothing against CWT 2013 system.
We had an opportunity to change it.
We didn't care.
So we can't complain.

Also i didn't question your place in PO.
You got it in a fair battle.
Jellenio knew what he needs to do and he failed the task.

I criticized you for your incorrect statements and made a proposal for 2014 edition point calculating system.
That's all.
Pay attention please. Don't jump on me with false accusations without a second thought.
You are making too many bad moves to carry on.

>If you don't understand something it doesn't mean it's wrong.

I understand everything good.
You are the one who have problems with understanding facts and accepting the critics.
Just improve as a mod.
No need to start a hate race.

>You have an idea? Post it on forum, it will be discussed. Want some attention? Sorry it's not the place.

It is obvious i will post my idea on forums. And i don't need any advices from a forum-hater like you to do that.
Possible rules changing for a next season can't be decided in a game comments.
It was just a quick heads up.

>So what's your business here anyway?

I don't like your mod work and I criticize you for that.
In a calm manner. Using facts.
Mods have to be serious and responsible for their words.
Having indolent talker as a CWT mod is just bad.
Change your attitude towards critics. Stop reacting on on it by throwing insults back.
It looks bad.

> P.S.
> Quite funny to hear this arrogant stuff about deep breathing and thinking from the likes of you.

I wasn't arrogant.
Just wanted to calm you down.

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Game #990
Jellenio 3-2 kukumber
on Nov 13, 2013 at 12:27
We discuss tie breaker situations here and all my comments are precisely fit the topic.

So while discussing it you were posting incorrect things.
Things that are in doubt even for yourself.
So whats the point of doing that?

Why not just check things in the Internet before you write?
Don't be lazy. Just do it next time.

Drama starting?
Bringing up your assumptions and insults about things that happened 4 years ago is in fact starting a drama.
And It's definitely not the topic of this discussion.

Just take a deep breath, calm down and take my advice to think next time before you write something to make your comments worth reading.

To make a clear constructive input i propose to follow CL rules for group tie-breaker situations in 2014 edition.
If two players have same amount of points player that won the game (against player with same amount of points) should go through.

Just a heads up though. It's for mods to decide.

Game #990
Jellenio 3-2 kukumber
on Nov 13, 2013 at 10:16
"I stated quite clearly I'm not sure..."

Next time give yourself some time to check things before you write it.
Be sure in what you write.
You are a CWT mod ffs.

Game #990
Jellenio 3-2 kukumber
on Nov 13, 2013 at 09:36
Read CL rules before assuming things.

Regulations of the UEFA Champions League.
If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches,
the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings (in descending
a) higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the
teams in question;
b) superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams
in question... and so on.
c) higher number of goals scored ....

Game #987
FaD 3-0 WorldMaster
on Nov 1, 2013 at 12:23
Works in chrome. Didn't test others.

Game #964
khamski 3-0 Uzurpator
on Oct 16, 2013 at 22:38
I really enjoyed watching stream of this game. Thanx Kayz and zoky. vn work.
bl Uzur. Good game.

Game #958
khamski 3-1 SiD
on Oct 13, 2013 at 20:09
Was off chat so thanx to FaD and zoky. bl SiD. Good game.

Game #953
Kayz 3-1 viks
on Oct 10, 2013 at 21:55
Awesome game at some point but then Viks just started to be nervous. And that last plop... even Kayz himself didn't expect that. bl Viks. *edit: And congrats, Kayz ))

Last modification on Oct 10, 2013 at 21:56
Game #64
FaD 3-4 chuvash
on Dec 9, 2012 at 07:22
lol.. I lost to gold and silver. And in both games i was leading.
Not that bad. ))

Congrats, chuvash!
bl, FaD.

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