Kayz 28 minutes ago
The Qualifiers have started!

Since we have 43 Applicants, 11 qualifying bo5 games are necessary to proceed with the main event.

The following players have to battle:

nOox 3-0 ArtecTheFox
kilobyte vs. VoK
KnightTemplar vs. Virusx
MegaAdnan vs. KingKong
PavelBistrov 3-2 NouS
lales vs. Aladdin
Senator 3-2 SiD
Stoner vs. DarKxXxLorD
pavlepavle 3-0 spyvsspyfan123
WeeM4n 3-0 Kano
WhiteRqbbit vs. Piki1802

Please upload your replays here. Good luck!